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We know that Asbestos is bad for us, we have been bombarded with news articles warning us of the gloom and doom surrounding asbestos for years now. And we all know that if we have asbestos in our property we have to have it taken out. Or do we?


Asbestos Removal

Asbestos has two main types, the hard stuff (Bonded) and the soft stuff (friable). Current advice is to just have it removed by a registered and licensed asbestos removalist. Sound advice as this stuff is deadly. Having it removed however can become quite an expensive exercise. Not to mention quite disruptive. So what to do? There is certainly not a lot of advice out there on alternatives.


Why Should I remove Asbestos?

  • It is broken, cut, damaged, flaky
  • It is weathered or worn
  • It is any type of loose fill in walls or ceiling cavities
  • It looks ugly
  • It detracts from the value of my property

These are all excellent reasons to have asbestos removed from your property. But what if the asbestos is not quite worn, you can see it is on the way to being worn, but does it REALLY need to be removed? Many Asbestos Removalists have not told you about the alternatives, possibly because the alternative is considerably cheaper than the removal.


The Alternative is, ENCAPSULATION!

Previously people have unknowingly ‘encapsulated’ with many many layers of paint. Painting can keep the asbestos fibres ‘stuck’ to the board. If this is a method you would like to use, it is still a smart move to seek the advice of a professional to assess how many layers would be required on your asbestos, to achieve full encapsulation. To not get it right could endanger you or your families’ health. Nowadays we have an actual asbestos encapsulation product on the market that is designed to encapsulate asbestos.


Encapsulation will help by:

  • Sealing raw edges or any exposed damaged breaks
  • Help with the useful life of the asbestos material
  • Reduce the fibre release through worn out or damaged sections
  • Will help in terms of small knocks or scratches
  • Actually make your asbestos look somewhat attractive!

Increasing the Value of Your Property


It is quite disconcerting to drive down a street and see old peeling asbestos roofs. Street appeal for these homes is severely lacking. With the new options of professional encapsulation, the value of these homes can be lifted significantly with the encapsulation system, without the trauma of having to perform a complete roof removal and replacement. The system of encapsulation will save you time and money. The street appeal you will gain will make you money. It’s a bit of a no brainer really.


If you have had advice though, to remove your asbestos, it is wise to not perform this function yourself, but to leave it to the professionals. If you are looking for an honest opinion for asbestos removal area; try Asbestos Watch Wollongong, they have great reviews.


Remember that the product is harmful in place, and it is still harmful when removed, this is why you need to ensure that the product is wrapped correctly in 200-micron thick plastic, a double wrap is required by law, and disposed of at the correct facility. Huge fines are applicable for dumping or incorrect disposal of asbestos. Follow this guide for disposal http://www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/environment/disposal-of-asbestos-24708.html


Things to Remember


So there you have it, a viable, cost effective option to a complete asbestos removal, go encapsulation! It is important to remember that not all properties and asbestos is the same, and you should consult a professional before attempting any type of renovation around asbestos. This is a hazardous toxic product and you should always exercise extreme caution when doing any type of work around it.


If you are just plain unsure if the product you are dealing with is even asbestos, asbestos testing  is easy enough to attend to, try Asbestos Watch Wollongong, they perform testing at very reasonable prices.



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