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Web Design for Beginners

Even though you believe that you are not such a creative person, it is worth to try learning about web design. It can be such a good idea. Perhaps, in the future you consider yourself working as a web designer. Nowadays, the need for skilled web designers who have current skills is high. This is something which you should not ignore.

Learning about Web Design

Design is the essential part of the process of building either a dynamic or static website applications. It is the first object that people see when they come to a website. If they notice that the website is not that good, they will leave at once.

Web design is about visual aesthetics as well as a website layout. It goes together with web development to create a dynamic website or a static web application.

Classically, design refers to the visual appearance of a website. The traditional approach includes contrast, balance, coloring, rhythm, emphasis, graphic elements style (shapes, lines, color, texture, and direction), background textures, use of icons, and the overall atmosphere of the whole design of the website.

In short, designing a website involves planning, creating as well as website updating. Website design includes information architecture, user interface, website structure, website layout, navigation ergonomics, contrasts, fonts along with images (photography), colors, and icon design as well.

All those elements previously mentioned form websites. Commonly the word design is regarded only as an aspect of a visual. As a matter of fact, a website design involves more elements of abstract like user-friendliness, layout traditions, ergonomics, navigation logic, user habits, and other additional things which make the use of websites easier as well as to help you get information quicker.

Occasionally, the technical side of designing a website is highlighted in the design definition. Of course, building modern website includes server-side scripts such as PHP, CGI and ASP, the visual side of the websites is defined with CSS and HTML, the usability is strengthened with AJAX and dynamic Javascript. When we talk to people who have inadequate technical knowledge, rather than talking about technical details, we focus on the features, such as the extent to which a site can be updated through the system of content management and which of the features that are noticeable to users.

By learning about coding, you will be such a great asset to others, and you will be incomparable!

Overview of Web design

To start the process of website design, you will begin with a visual concept. It can be done by drawing manually or using software such as Photoshop. The next step is using HTML also CSS to build your site. Meanwhile, the codes used for writing the web pages are HTML along with CSS. HTML manages the basic structure as well as the structure of the page. CSS is used to handle appearance and style.

To be a good designer of a website, you need to make sure that you include aesthetics, responsive design, accessibility and usability when creating your website.

Aesthetics has a great role in the website design because it is the look of web pages. You, of course, may have viewed a lot of websites which look unbelievably disagreeable. You can avoid having such websites by learning a little theory about aesthetic.

What does responsive design mean? It is a common technique for creating websites that have a fine look and work well on other devices such as phones also tablets. It works by setting different rules of CSS for different browser widths.

Accessibility is an important practice of web design. It is about creating web pages that can be viewed by those who use assistive devices which include the blind and the deaf.

Last but not least, usability. It is another part of web design that is also important. It all depends on the intuitive nature of a website and the ease with which users can find or do as they wish.

Ways to learn about web design

Some people may believe that the only way to learn about visual design is by teaching it to yourself. The fact is you need more than that. You need to practice then be inspired by existing websites, and practice, next ask people to criticize your work and again practice. There is something that you need to remember. Designing the website is not about the website’s visual look only. Is it possible for you to teach accessibility to yourself? For sure, it would be such a challenging task.

Perhaps mastering web design by yourself can be a great process. However, you should not neglect other resources that you can use to support your learning process. You can check out some online website design training or books about web design. Some people prefer a book as the media to learn about web design because it is something that you have to study carefully to master.


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